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MC2500 Replacement Power Guard Indicator PCB


This is a replacement power guard display PCB for McIntosh MC2500 amplifiers. This board is used to mount four bi-pin incandescent lamps which indicate the power guard status for both channels of the MC2500.

Includes one unpopulated PCB and one 5 pin right angle Molex connector. Lamps are not included. Boards may have minor cosmetic surface defects, but this will not impact their functionality.

The hole sizes for the lamps were increased to accommodate PC pin sockets (not included) for simplifying future lamp replacement. If you have LED replacements for 7382 lamps that are designed to be powered with AC (11.2 VAC is typical according to the MC2500 schematic), they should also work just as well on this board.


  • Board material: FR-4
  • Board thickness: 1.6 mm
  • Copper thickness: 1 oz., traces duplicated on both sides