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Eventide H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer

This Eventide H3000 effects processor is in good working order. One of the PCM53JP-V DACs was replaced when it was serviced in the past (at least 10+ years ago). Includes a 30 day parts and labor warranty; if you have any issues with the unit, please reach out and we will make it right.

Please note that the front panel display is fairly dim and may need replacement in the future. Modern replacement display kits can be found online. All front panel soft keys have been tested and work reliably, as does the rotary encoder, audio bypass relay, and input level indicator.

All rear panel MIDI ports (in, out, and passthrough) were tested with a USB to MIDI adapter and MIDI-OX software. Both balanced XLR audio inputs and outputs are in good working order. Unit has been reset to default settings by holding the function key upon startup.

Stickers on the three internal ROMs indicate that the unit has the following software versions:

– U53 SEROM1 (Operating system): Version 2.16

– U251 SEROM2 (Applications): Version 2.16

– U252 SEROM3 (More Applications): Version 2.17

Sockets for effect ROMs 1 and 4 (U253 and U250) are present but do not have ROMs installed. While testing, I patched the function generator to modulate a parameter and confirmed that the unit retained this setting after power cycling.

Internal input level jumpers are set to +4 dBm.

1 kHz THD+N measurement (AP Portable One Plus, <10 Hz – 300 kHz filter, unweighted):

Ch1: 0.0044%

Ch2: 0.0052%

THD+N measurement was performed in the diatonic shift mode, 0% wet, input and output levels set to 0 dB. Generator output was adjusted to bring the level indicator one step below clipping, corresponding to about 17 V rms output.

Cosmetically, the unit is in decent condition. There are a number of scratches on the top, bottom, and sides. Three top panel screws are missing, but it is still held on securely.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!