Guitar Repair

ProAudio Electronics has teamed up with Somnium Guitars to start offering professional guitar repair services! Come stop by to get a free inspection and quote on servicing your instrument, and take a peak at some of Somnium’s guitars featuring their incredible modular pickup system while you’re here!

Professional guitar repair at ProAudio begins with inspection and adjustment of the neck, nut, and bridge to achieve the best possible intonation and playability. From there, we can inspect, repair, and upgrade your guitar’s electronic controls and pickups with either a simple swap-out, or even more complex changes to the guitar body with the use of precision CNC machining.

Whether it be an acoustic, electric, or bass guitar, we can repair, refinish, and set up your instrument to play its best. if you’re in the market for something new, we can even build you a professional-grade electric guitar or bass from scratch! Every instrument you bring in will be treated with the love and respect it deserves, and inspections and quotes are always free.

For more information about Somnium Guitars, check out their website at