McIntosh MC2100, MC2105, MC2300 Input Preamplifier PCB (Unassembled)

Click the link below to download the installation guide

This is a new-production input preamp PCB for the McIntosh MC2100, MC2105, and MC2300 power amplifiers. This board follows the original component layout closely, and no changes were made to the original circuit design.

Includes one unpopulated PCB with wiring turrets pre-installed and a thorough installation guide with redrawn schematic, board layout, and parts list. We also offer these boards assembled and tested here.

Please do not attempt to populate and install these boards if you are not thoroughly familiar with safely diagnosing, repairing, and testing amplifiers at the component level with test equipment (signal generator, oscilloscope, load, etc.) and a current-limited power supply.

Here are the main differences between this board and the original:

  • 2 oz. copper with a gold finish (ENIG), plated through-holes, and matte black soldermask
  • Silkscreen reference designators and symbols on both sides
  • All component footprints are sized to fit the original parts. In addition, all axial electrolytic capacitors have footprints for radial parts of various sizes, both input film caps support two different lead spacings, and both electrolytic output caps can be substituted with film caps of the appropriate physical size. A capacitor sizing guide is included
  • Robust wiring turrets replace the original hollow posts that wires are soldered to

If you are interested, please contact us.

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