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Consignment services are available for a 60/40 price split, where we would keep 40% of the final sale price. There is also a $60 fee deducted from the total to cover the testing done to ensure that the unit is fully functional.

McIntosh Lighted Sales Display Sign $2499.00

McIntosh MC206 Six Channel Power Amplifier $2000

Sequential Pro-1

Great condition, one owner, recently serviced in our shop.¬†Original plastic pitch wheels were replaced by owner in the mid 80’s with custom machined, aluminum wheels for better durability.

McIntosh SL6


McIntosh XR6

$749 for pair


DBX 900

$450.00 Specifications/Features: 80’s vintage 900 Series modular. Condition/Accessories: Good condition. Includes 8 assorted modules.