Full Annual Service

In addition to resolving any symptoms your equipment has, our Full Annual Service is a way of maintaining the condition and reliability of your unit, backed by a 1-year labor warranty*. Typical examples would include vintage home stereo equipment, where there is often preventative maintenance that can be done. The following work is typically done to a unit undergoing our Full Annual Service:

  • Clean out internal dust and debris.
  • Thoroughly clean and treat all internal connectors, ground connections, jacks, switches, and potentiometers with DeoxIT D5 and DeoxIT Gold.
  • Fully calibrate (e.g. bias, DC offset, level meters).
  • Check component performance.
  • Re-solder any cold or failing solder joints.
  • Replace all internal incandescent lamps (if any) and primary fuses.
  • Clean the exterior chassis.
  • Includes a checklist detailing the work performed.

Additional services may also be included, such as re-capping, depending on the condition of your unit.

*All ProAudio Electronics warranties apply to the serial number of the unit repaired, not the owner, and thus will transfer if the unit is sold.