Servicing McIntosh is a passion, and we guarantee factory results every time.


Full Annual Service work list


  • Fully rectify all complaints if any are given.
  • Remove all internal dust and debris.
  • Thoroughly clean and treat all internal connectors, ground connections, jacks, switches, and potentiometers with DeoxIT D5 and DeoxIT Gold (All rear-panel input/output jacks are cleaned and treated with DeoxIT D25L and DeoxIT Gold 100% solution).
  • Check component performance.
  • Re-solder any cold or failing solder joints.
  • Replace all internal incandescent lamps and primary fuses.
  • Test all features to ensure full functionality.
  • Includes a full one-year labor warranty*, and our own Certificate of Repair.
  • (Optional): Replace front glass panel (where applicable by model).

Starting from $200.00 and up.**

*All ProAudio Electronics warranties apply to the serial number of the unit repaired, not the owner, and thus will transfer if the unit is sold.
**Add approximately $275.00 for replacement glass installation.